When colleagues bring back leftovers…

What do you do when your colleagues come back from one of your favorite pizza joints and had leftover pepperoni slices?  Well after 18 hours of fasting, I say gimme gimme gimme… (though i forgot until after that i’m trying to cut down on meat)  I had already also finished my lunch…  I’m not even full!  fucking love IF…

pepperoni pizza

I’ve got to be bit cautious tonight with my 2nd meal.  Macros are OK right now, just need to watch my carb intake this evening…  Good thing I lifted very heavy this morning, so the carbs will be able to replenish the glycogen I used up at the gym.

Today’s workout:

  • 5:15am Chest, delts, triceps and abs
  • 10 minutes of treadmill afterwards

Today’s meals:

  • SNACK 1 @ 11:30am – one apple and protein shake – 150cals (10c,2f,25p)
  • MEAL 1 @ 1:30pm – Pizza (1 regular, 2 pepperoni) canteloupe and 1 hardboiled egg – 1200cals (135c,49f,64p)
  • MEAL 2 @ 7:00pm – one egg in coconut oil, quarter cup quinoa, onions and squash with siracha + side of cantaloupe. – 300 cals (22,20,10)

Is Breakfast the most important meal?


I had this debate with a colleague about this yesterday.  I regretfully told him I had been intermittently fasting for past few weeks and he felt the urge to criticize… telling me that it’s super unhealthy, that it’s the most important meal of the day, that it won’t last, etc etc…

Look, I’m not saying breakfast ISN’T important, but to me I feel better and it fits into my schedule much easier.  I find that I’m way more refreshed in the morning and love that I can wake up and just go about my day without thinking about food.  Also, after I eat any meal, I become lethargic and just want to sit back and relax!  I don’t know about you but I would MUCH rather have that lethargic, lazy, tired feeling after a huge delicious meal at night, after a long day of work, in the comfort of my home getting myself pumped for some Roku with my wife after the kid is asleep (currently watching ‘Love’ & ‘Bloodline’ – both Netflix).  Best part though is knowing with confidence that I’ll wake up feeling lean and full of energy, ready to hit the gym like a beast.  Will be looking into the science behind it and will post it on a future blog I’m sure!  Knowledge and Critical thinking!

Some people need breakfast to get them thru the day, and that’s great – that’s their body. No one is the same!!!  That person can still practice IF – their eating window starts in the AM.  I like mine at night because of the reasons i listed above and in addition to this I have already fasted in my sleep so I have a head-start with my fast window.


Tonight is going to be interesting…  Wife and daughter will be making pizza from scratch. First time facing a dinner of basically nothing but carbs… what’s my game plan?

  • Push back my eating window longer than normal (typically 15-16 hours, going for 17-18 hours)
  • Have an extra cup of coffee (I typically only have 1 x 10 oz cup a day.
  • Break my fast with high fat and protein.
  • Don’t overdo it, try to stay at least NEAR my ‘macros’ for carbs, and maybe chase it down with a protein shake.  Expecting to feel very full, but i’ll just go fucking nuts at the gym tomorrow.

Today’s Workout:

  • 5:30am Cardio only… 2 minute jump rope, 20 minute treadmill, 15 minute stair master, 5 minute row, 5 minute elliptical (fasted)
  • 30 minute walk on lunch break (still fasted)

Today’s Meal:

  • MEAL 1 @ 1:45pm (17+ hours) – 2 scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil with melted mozzarella cheese and spinach (+Siracha sauce) = 310cals (6c,22f,20p)
  • SNACK 1 @ 4:15pm – 30 grams of whey protein = 110 cals (3c,1f,22p)
  • MEAL 2 @ 6:15pm – 2 slices pizza with Brussels sprouts = 700cals (95c,18f,34p)


STATS: weight now 193!! BF% no idea??

Your Life Is a result of???

“Your life is a result of the choices you make.  If you don’t like your life, it is time to start making better choices”

Talk about motivational quotes – true story.  Course i’m only applying it to working out and my food choices.  My life is fine, but me no likey my fat belly and love handles. But to further touch on this quote…  I think it’s super important to become more positive about one’s life in general.   Looking awesome and eating well is not going to make you a happy person (i mean yes, it’ll help a whole lot and the confidence that it undoubtedly comes with will surely…. ok ok ok. i guess looking awesome will make you happier!) but even that high will go away.  Find a hobby outside of the gym and exercise.  Set goals – LONG term and SHORT term (props to my friend Rahul who is training in India to become some master Yoga and Spiritual leader or something to that extent)


Today’s Workout:

  • Legs, biceps, and abs today with a 10 min elliptical.  (fasted)
  • 5:30am-6:45am
  • Burned 650 cals

Today’s Food:

  • SNACK 1 @ 12:00pm | one medium apple – 75cals
  • MEAL 1 @ 1:00pm | salmon, asparagus, sweet potato, spinach salad – 650cals
  • Not sure what is in store for tonight – will find out when I get home from work and see what my amazing wife and daughter has prepared!  Wife usually cooks up an awesome and 95% healthy food…  She’s 3rd generation American-Italian, so she KNOWS her food!
  • MEAL 2 @ 6:15pm |  Ingredients: Tofu, kale, beets, carrots, quinoa, wheatberry-looking-thing (don’t know for sure and wife forget too) That’s about 700-800cals. Which leaves me with like 400 to play with for rest of the night.
  • Had some popcorn, a clementine, and whey protein shake for about 350 cals.

Today’s Tip to myself:

  • Once you get the slightest inkling of hunger, go make that first cup of coffee!

Today’s Stats:

  • Unchanged from March 1st, 2016

Time to Look & Feel Good


My name is Tim.  I am overweight.  I have always been overweight.  I don’t LOOK that overweight(ok maybe I do) but I don’t expect anyone heads to be turned when I remove my shirt when at the beach or pool…  And to be honest, i WANT people to damn it!  However, I am one of the lucky ones in that, I have been able to snag a beautiful wife and she has given me my most precious reason to live and love; that is my daughter.  She’s 2.5 years old and I’m about to get her started on IF (kidding, i’m going to wait until she’s 3). This is also a journey to extend my journey in life; longevity… IF promotes that – to what degree and how I’ll mention in another post when I learn more on that topic.

My journey began on February 7, 2016… When I discovered by searching “how to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks”, I somehow stumbled upon a website that mentioned “intermittent fasting”… And so for the next 2 hours I researched the crap out of IF and noted that many different sites all mentioned the same benefits of IF and they all talked about how great they felt yada yada…but I was still skeptical.  And rightfully so! After all we all grew up thinking one “must eat 3 balanced meals” and “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”  Well i’m about 3 weeks in and I’m starting to realize that is all a load of fucking crap…

Look, there is no ‘one-size’ fits all, but I do believe that anyone can benefit from Intermittent Fasting or ‘IF’ as the fasting community / ramadanian celebrators call it…

This blog isn’t for the already fit fuckers that look great in a bathing suit… it’s for poor saps like me.  30 year old, beer belly, husband, father, full-time-job-working-for-the-man type who wants to not only LOOK good but feel great and not just temporarily, but everyday all day mother fucker…

Don’t care if I have one follower or 1,000 followers, I’m writing this is a journal and to hold myself accountable.  I will be posting weekly photos and body stats (mainly weight since I’m too fat to count or know what my BF% is)  but i’m so god damn determined and dedicated that I know one day I will be one of those people that will  measure and know what my BF% is… Until then – going to HIT THE GYM HARD, FAST LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER, EAT SEMI CLEAN AND ENJOY LIFE…  I’ll be following somewhat of a Macro program, but mostly cals in/cals out!  Trying to hit 35/35/30…  Hard not to overdue carbs and undercut protein.

Will be following KINOBODY’s plan to kickstart my new life & will just cycle thru all of his programs until I get to where I want to be.  Greg’s mentality and methodology seems legit enough to me… From my own experience in this past 3 weeks I have felt great & more energy than ever… I won’t mention which Kinobody program I’m starting with – check it out yourself as Kinobody has many programs for different folks… what works for me may not work for you!  (i have NO affiliation with Kinobody whatsoever)

Today’s Stats: Down from 200 LBS back on Feb 7 to 195 on Mar 1.  BF%: no fucking clue.

Woke up @ 5:20am / Cardio A @ 5:45am / Meal 1 @ 12:45 / Meal 2 @ 6:15pm / no snack