Dad-Bod to Rad-Bod

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Plateau, but progress

So I have stopped tracking my food / calories and coincidentally have plateaued with my weight loss… obviously i’m being sarcastic.  It is still very important to track and i do plan on doing so again.  i would say in the past 4 weeks i’ve held my weight around 186-188 pounds… which is still well below my 200-205 average before i started to implement intermittent fasting and heavier weight lifting.

I am back to logging my progress and will post current photos.  I have to be very strict between now (june 15) thru June 23 as i leave for vacation on June 24, and i plan to indulge at night with food and liquor!


No updates

As most blogs go, the writer tends to forget or just doesn’t want to fucking “blog” anymore…  in my case that is exactly what happened.

HOWEVER, I did not stop with my ‘diet’ or workouts.  In fact I have only further intensified the workouts and have researched the shit out of my diet & am happy to say that I continue to drop weight and inches off my waist, all the way making gains in my lifts.

I’ll post a photo soon – but can say that I finally am happy with what I’m looking at in the mirror… Happy but not horny for myself (mostly because I don’t find men attractive – and i’m not into Asians…)

Anyway – still doing the Intermittent Fasting, still doing the Reverse Pyramid Training, and still kicking ass day in and day out.  I do allow myself to eat SOMEWHAT ‘poorly’ on a few nights out – talking bacon cheeseburger with fries, some ice cream or cake, pasta, etc etc… Nothing TOO processed…  Just making sure I’m within my calorie tolerance to be in a deficit when I want to be.

Macros i’m still continuing to TRY and stay around 35 carb, 35 protein, 30 fat – I rarely ever hit it, wish I could be hitting my protein more, because I know i would see results a lot faster… I will definitely dial in on my nutrition in April, as I have a goal to WEIGH below 180.  That’ll surely bring down my BF% as I believe I still have a lot of that to lose… I’d estimate myself to be around 18-19% right now.

Keep going and going

I have taken a break from blogging, mainly because I just didn’t have the time.  Still sticking to IF, haven’t had breakfast in 4 weeks now and I haven’t really changed WHAT I ate.  I’m at my lightest weight now, 188… but I continue to up my weights at the gym.

I plan to post a picture this week of my progress with a comparison shot at what I looked like from the start (197 lbs down to 188lbs in less than 4 weeks)  But again, the important part is I am getting stronger.

Feeling great everyday!

Crockpot delight tonight

I’ve also hit my macros well past 2 days after a huge carb day (I guess I’ll call it a refeed day haha) – talking pizza, calzone and wine!!


Lightest I’ve been

Fasting is getting easier.  192 on the scale this morning with my gym clothes on.  That 189 by end March goal will be reached very quickly. Will adjust goal accordingly. 

Having an apple when I initially get a bit hungry around 1pm.  I see that pushing back. Felt real good today. Totally focused and clear minded all morning and afternoon.  

Had my leftover Mediterranean food for lunch (about 60 grams of mixed meat, with half sweet potato and half avocado, plus a tomato salad with green peppers and chick pea.) super full afterwards – was not even 500cals in total.

Today – had minestrone soup with pasta – about 500 cals. That leaves me with about 700-800 to play with tonight!

My wife and daughter made brownies so I will have two of those along wth my Greek yogurt and fruit. I eat full fat because the low or non fat is too processed for my liking. Plus it tastes better. Just got to adjust macros accordingly! See picture below – had to use daughter spoon no clean ones. 


Today’s diet plan

Still at 194, not feeling discouraged.  I did have a late night snack consisting of Greek yogurt (1cup), bunch of berries, honey, protein shake and popcorn…  Going to try for about 1700-1800 cals today which is 100-200 less than my goal only to compensate for what I did this weekend.  I don’t regret the weekend as I felt that I needed to shock my body with more calories than what I normally eat.  I may continue this pattern until I notice it has no more benefit to me.  This week will prove a lot. I should be back down to 191-192 by Friday morning weigh in.

TODAYS WORKOUT:  shoulders, triceps, biceps, traps.

SNACK 1 @ 1:00PM – one apple

MEAL 1 @ 2:00PM – piece of leftover fish, with tomato salad, and medium sweet potato – 460cals (28c, 18f, 33p)

Feeling real good again.  Took a brisk 20 min walk in between my snack and meal.  I know i’m up on the scale, but I definitely don’t feel it and it would be difficult to see just 2 pounds of gain.  Not discouraged at all!  Quite the opposite… because since I feel so good, I have a feeling my body needed that bit of ‘reset’ to really ramp up my fat burn.

Will be back with update.


So I got cocky.. I’m down about 7 lbs on 3 weeks… I have been successful at intermittent fasting and I haven’t felt better.  

I ate abt 350 cals all day Saturday in anticipation of going nuts that evening.

I ordered a mixed grill which included two types of chicken, 2 types of lamb, 1 beef.  We had a spread of dips with 2 types of awesome bread.  The food was filling and salty and delicious.. I ate like a child. Like a stoner that has never felt so high..

I woke up the next day at 194lbs after weighing in at 192… I still looked the same and felt great…  And I know it wasn’t going to stay!  I’m sure it was all water weight and I just kick started my metabolism to wake up.. I think by end of this week I’ll be near or below 190!