This is my journal.  A health journal.  To help me track my progress, my diet, and my exercise routine.  On February 7th I discovered Intermittent Fasting and have not looked back!  Was about 200lbs with a gut (gut still here – Mar. 3, but smaller)

This blog is mainly to help myself get thru this life-changing transformation from FAT to FUCKING-FIT (regular FIT just ain’t good enough).  I’m sharing it to the public to hold myself accountable and I also think it’ll be awesome to have some folks follow me thru this journey…  What I’m hoping MOST to get out of this blog is for others who are also trying to change their life for the better to go thru it with me.  Exchanging tips, advice, questions, answers, etc etc etc.

It is my FIRST blog and I really don’t know how blogs work in general, I just know that you can bitch and moan on them and sometimes people like the content and will follow and comment!  I encourage all to do the same.

If I get NO ONE to read this, that’s also cool!  At least it’s “in-the-cloud” and I can refer to it anytime I need for my own self!



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