No updates

As most blogs go, the writer tends to forget or just doesn’t want to fucking “blog” anymore…  in my case that is exactly what happened.

HOWEVER, I did not stop with my ‘diet’ or workouts.  In fact I have only further intensified the workouts and have researched the shit out of my diet & am happy to say that I continue to drop weight and inches off my waist, all the way making gains in my lifts.

I’ll post a photo soon – but can say that I finally am happy with what I’m looking at in the mirror… Happy but not horny for myself (mostly because I don’t find men attractive – and i’m not into Asians…)

Anyway – still doing the Intermittent Fasting, still doing the Reverse Pyramid Training, and still kicking ass day in and day out.  I do allow myself to eat SOMEWHAT ‘poorly’ on a few nights out – talking bacon cheeseburger with fries, some ice cream or cake, pasta, etc etc… Nothing TOO processed…  Just making sure I’m within my calorie tolerance to be in a deficit when I want to be.

Macros i’m still continuing to TRY and stay around 35 carb, 35 protein, 30 fat – I rarely ever hit it, wish I could be hitting my protein more, because I know i would see results a lot faster… I will definitely dial in on my nutrition in April, as I have a goal to WEIGH below 180.  That’ll surely bring down my BF% as I believe I still have a lot of that to lose… I’d estimate myself to be around 18-19% right now.