Lightest I’ve been

Fasting is getting easier.  192 on the scale this morning with my gym clothes on.  That 189 by end March goal will be reached very quickly. Will adjust goal accordingly. 

Having an apple when I initially get a bit hungry around 1pm.  I see that pushing back. Felt real good today. Totally focused and clear minded all morning and afternoon.  

Had my leftover Mediterranean food for lunch (about 60 grams of mixed meat, with half sweet potato and half avocado, plus a tomato salad with green peppers and chick pea.) super full afterwards – was not even 500cals in total.

Today – had minestrone soup with pasta – about 500 cals. That leaves me with about 700-800 to play with tonight!

My wife and daughter made brownies so I will have two of those along wth my Greek yogurt and fruit. I eat full fat because the low or non fat is too processed for my liking. Plus it tastes better. Just got to adjust macros accordingly! See picture below – had to use daughter spoon no clean ones. 



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