Today’s diet plan

Still at 194, not feeling discouraged.  I did have a late night snack consisting of Greek yogurt (1cup), bunch of berries, honey, protein shake and popcorn…  Going to try for about 1700-1800 cals today which is 100-200 less than my goal only to compensate for what I did this weekend.  I don’t regret the weekend as I felt that I needed to shock my body with more calories than what I normally eat.  I may continue this pattern until I notice it has no more benefit to me.  This week will prove a lot. I should be back down to 191-192 by Friday morning weigh in.

TODAYS WORKOUT:  shoulders, triceps, biceps, traps.

SNACK 1 @ 1:00PM – one apple

MEAL 1 @ 2:00PM – piece of leftover fish, with tomato salad, and medium sweet potato – 460cals (28c, 18f, 33p)

Feeling real good again.  Took a brisk 20 min walk in between my snack and meal.  I know i’m up on the scale, but I definitely don’t feel it and it would be difficult to see just 2 pounds of gain.  Not discouraged at all!  Quite the opposite… because since I feel so good, I have a feeling my body needed that bit of ‘reset’ to really ramp up my fat burn.

Will be back with update.


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