When colleagues bring back leftovers…

What do you do when your colleagues come back from one of your favorite pizza joints and had leftover pepperoni slices?  Well after 18 hours of fasting, I say gimme gimme gimme… (though i forgot until after that i’m trying to cut down on meat)  I had already also finished my lunch…  I’m not even full!  fucking love IF…

pepperoni pizza

I’ve got to be bit cautious tonight with my 2nd meal.  Macros are OK right now, just need to watch my carb intake this evening…  Good thing I lifted very heavy this morning, so the carbs will be able to replenish the glycogen I used up at the gym.

Today’s workout:

  • 5:15am Chest, delts, triceps and abs
  • 10 minutes of treadmill afterwards

Today’s meals:

  • SNACK 1 @ 11:30am – one apple and protein shake – 150cals (10c,2f,25p)
  • MEAL 1 @ 1:30pm – Pizza (1 regular, 2 pepperoni) canteloupe and 1 hardboiled egg – 1200cals (135c,49f,64p)
  • MEAL 2 @ 7:00pm – one egg in coconut oil, quarter cup quinoa, onions and squash with siracha + side of cantaloupe. – 300 cals (22,20,10)

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