Is Breakfast the most important meal?


I had this debate with a colleague about this yesterday.  I regretfully told him I had been intermittently fasting for past few weeks and he felt the urge to criticize… telling me that it’s super unhealthy, that it’s the most important meal of the day, that it won’t last, etc etc…

Look, I’m not saying breakfast ISN’T important, but to me I feel better and it fits into my schedule much easier.  I find that I’m way more refreshed in the morning and love that I can wake up and just go about my day without thinking about food.  Also, after I eat any meal, I become lethargic and just want to sit back and relax!  I don’t know about you but I would MUCH rather have that lethargic, lazy, tired feeling after a huge delicious meal at night, after a long day of work, in the comfort of my home getting myself pumped for some Roku with my wife after the kid is asleep (currently watching ‘Love’ & ‘Bloodline’ – both Netflix).  Best part though is knowing with confidence that I’ll wake up feeling lean and full of energy, ready to hit the gym like a beast.  Will be looking into the science behind it and will post it on a future blog I’m sure!  Knowledge and Critical thinking!

Some people need breakfast to get them thru the day, and that’s great – that’s their body. No one is the same!!!  That person can still practice IF – their eating window starts in the AM.  I like mine at night because of the reasons i listed above and in addition to this I have already fasted in my sleep so I have a head-start with my fast window.


Tonight is going to be interesting…  Wife and daughter will be making pizza from scratch. First time facing a dinner of basically nothing but carbs… what’s my game plan?

  • Push back my eating window longer than normal (typically 15-16 hours, going for 17-18 hours)
  • Have an extra cup of coffee (I typically only have 1 x 10 oz cup a day.
  • Break my fast with high fat and protein.
  • Don’t overdo it, try to stay at least NEAR my ‘macros’ for carbs, and maybe chase it down with a protein shake.  Expecting to feel very full, but i’ll just go fucking nuts at the gym tomorrow.

Today’s Workout:

  • 5:30am Cardio only… 2 minute jump rope, 20 minute treadmill, 15 minute stair master, 5 minute row, 5 minute elliptical (fasted)
  • 30 minute walk on lunch break (still fasted)

Today’s Meal:

  • MEAL 1 @ 1:45pm (17+ hours) – 2 scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil with melted mozzarella cheese and spinach (+Siracha sauce) = 310cals (6c,22f,20p)
  • SNACK 1 @ 4:15pm – 30 grams of whey protein = 110 cals (3c,1f,22p)
  • MEAL 2 @ 6:15pm – 2 slices pizza with Brussels sprouts = 700cals (95c,18f,34p)


STATS: weight now 193!! BF% no idea??


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